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Stoical leadership is undisputedly the corner stone in creation of a prosperous state. Recent BJP Gujarat advertisement for ‘Ekmat Gujarat’ not just promotes the political party but also sends through a vital message. With a backdrop of a kabaddi match, the BJP Gujarat advertisement subtly puts forth a strong point that lack of able leader results in inaction and raises quarrel and qualms amongst the members. Petty discrepancies prevent one another from moving ahead and responding to the call of the situation.

The advertisement highlights that in absence of strong leadership, avenge to pull down one’s own party members assumes more importance than working towards a unified goal to alleviate the pain of the masses.

A state prospers only when an able leader is put to power. Shri Narendra Modi has time and again proved his leadership in bringing development across Gujarat. His development model of inclusive growth helped alleviate the problems of people from all classes – right from tribal communities to farmers to industrialists.

The people of Gujarat are raring to achieve new heights of progress and have unanimously chosen BJP Gujarat to lead them to the path of progress.

Ekmat Gujarat, bane Bhajap Sarkar

Published on Nov 16, 2012